I have the Samsung model

you are talking about–not stainless steel, but a similar type of finish. I have the water option–button is inside left. no ice or water on the outside, with the humidity in FL, the ice clogs anyway. You also lose space inside the top if you have that option. The water filter is fairly easy to replace and I go with the generic filter vs name brand.

I only have 1 bottom drawer vs the 2 bottom that they now have–as looking at the front. It is fairly easy to clean, haven’t done it as well as I would like since DH took over my kitchen…that is a different story and will hopefully work itself out in a few months.

When I went to buy this frig, we looked at Home Depot, Lowe’s, HHgregg and Sears. Sears was the only place that had that model. HH wanted to sell us an upgraded model because everyone doesn’t want to open the freezer to get ice. HD and L had similar models by different manufacturers but at the time didn’t have as good a rating as the Samsung.