We have a double door Samsung with the freezer on the bottom, different model than one previously mentioned

Ours is a 32 cubic foot. We used to have a side by side. I hated it. The freezer was not wide enough. Could not fit a big turkey in it, etc. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my fridge. It has a single big freezer drawer on the bottom. Once open, it has a shallow drawer inside within the big drawer. I love this set up. The fridge and freezer have “power” chill and “power” freeze. I am not sure if that is the exact term but you an select it when you are opening on or the other frequently and it cools it down faster. Great feature when a lot of people are in and out of the freezer. We have ice (cubed or crushed) and water in the door. We also have an extra ice dispensed into a bin in the freezer. We are only a family of three. We don’t usually need the ice in the freezer but it’s great when you needed. When we bought the fridge we didn’t know it had the extra ice thing but loved the “upgrade”. LOL
I am only 5’ 0” and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this set up. It is not hard for me to find things. I can reach pretty much anything. It is well lit as well. Dh loves the light …. maybe its LED? I am not sure.
We bought our fridge a few months back at Sears. We have a sales person we have dealt with the last few years. She is awesome and helps us get the best deals possible when we need to buy. When we originally went to look and purchase she told us a “friends and family” sale was coming up and we could save an extra 15%, I think, off the already sale priced fridge. We also were buying a dishwasher because this is when we were remodeling our kitchen. When everything was totaled, it was as if we got our dishwasher for free because we saved so much. I would encourage you to check out whether a f/f sale is coming up at Sears, so nowguaranteed.com – this could save you 100’s of $$ cause guaranteed payday loans even for bad credit! I think there was one fridge bigger than ours but this is the biggest ginormas fridge we could afford. Dh said to get what I wanted because it would be last one we’d buy for a very long time. Of course we paid cash for it. If you want me to I can get dh to look up the number for the fridge we have.

I’m thinking the amount of ice is a variable

I don’t know how many people are using ice at your workplace. I don’t care too much for the drawers but they “work” if you are organized. I don’t use as much ice as my DH and the 4 kids. We seem to have a good amount of ice unless DH uses it to cool down something he has made, then we have to catch up.
Our top inside drawer holds the ice bin and then the rest of it is for ice packs….kids cuddle with them during the summer to keep cool, they do use them for the occasional karate injury. Popsicles go in the little front bin and veggies and seafood for me take up the rest of the big drawer.
the veggie/fruit drawers are ok. we go through a lot of veggies–allergies have cut down the amount and type of fruit we use, so we will mix the 2 drawers.
The last drawer isn’t tall, but runs across the bottom of the frig. we store cheese, wraps, bacon, sausage and lunch meat in there. you do need to open both doors to get to it.

Any cutting down on opening the whole thing

as compared to now would be an energy savings I’d think, but not certain. I swear sometimes I think dh will get frost bite while he stands there looking for “something” to eat, even if he just did the same thing 30 minutes earlier—I guess he thinks it will grow something new on its own? LOL!

Oh that brings up another question

Some of the newer models of the French door have the entire icemaker in the door, the freezing unit and everything. I’ve wondered if that would produce enough ice for the three of us. Because the space saving on the shelf would be good—but then you lose the door space and I like organizing my jars of stuff on doors (another reason I am looking at double doors.).
The main reason I was looking at the double drawer was to put often used items in the top drawer, and the less used items in the bottom. I was also thinking that would make keeping things organized easier too.

We have an LG

(had a Elctrolux that was a complete lemon so they finally returned our money and we replaced it with one similar to the link) We love it and have no problems in 4 years. Don’t even get me started on Electrolux…..that would not be pretty

We have a black Samsung RF263 at work

While the shelves are wider, you do find yourself opening both doors a LOT.

The freezer storage at the bottom is not as efficient as it looks.

The veggie crisper drawer is laughably small.

And the door storage is also smaller than it appears.

My 2c worth.