I share your opinion about side-by-side refrigerators

We had a Maytag side-by-side that had sort of a zig zag design, so the bottom of the freezer was wider than the top, and the bottom of the fridge was narrower than the top, but NONE of the freezer was wide enough for our needs, and if you put a sheet pan in there that just barely fit, it would block the air circulation and cause problems.

We’ve replaced a Maytag dishwasher that was great for about two years, then all these tiny plastic parts started breaking. Easy enough to replace, and just a few dollars each, but then add $15 or so in shipping and it starts to add up in a hurry… and every time one package would show up, something else would break. We installed a KitchenAid in its place and spent an amount I’d be embarrassed to share with you on it.
The interior is all stainless and it’s been going strong for several years now (we did have an episode with white film all over everything (even clogging up the sprayers) but online research revealed that Cascade had changed its formula to remove phosphates and a LOT of people were having that trouble so we switched to Finish and everything sparkles again). Sorry about the tangent, but you asked about brands and I’m all done with Maytag appliances.

We have two fridges, too. I don’t know how we would get through Thanksgiving and Christmas without them. The one in the laundry room is a Maytag with no bells and whistles, just a fridge and freezer on the top. It’s been very reliable, and that’s an oddity with recently manufactured Maytag appliances for us (well, it’s almost 15 years old now). My father-in-law would say “even a broken watch is right twice a day.” :) I understand that Whirlpool is owned by Maytag, too, and I’ve heard that their quality has gone way down as well. I believe KitchenAid is, too but as I say, our dishwasher is quite a champ. And our Maytag washer and dryer are almost 25 years old. We’ve had them serviced several times, and one repairman said “If I owned these, I would never replace them because you can’t buy washer/dryer sets of this quality anymore.” My parents have the same ones, about the same age. Course, that doesn’t help you if you’re looking for new appliances. :)

That side-by-side fridge was repaired several times under warranty. The cooling mechanism is in the freezer only (this is true of most refrigerators), and little trap doors between it and the fridge are supposed to open as needed to keep the fridge cold, but it wouldn’t get below about 47 degrees. After the third warranty repair, I simply ripped the trap doors out altogether so the cold air could circulate all the time, and it generally stayed in the 30’s after that. It had a water filter, but the water always tasted like plastic because the water reservoir was *after* the water filter in the line, so I installed my own water filter past the reservoir and the water tasted great after that. I actually sent them a letter telling them about this and that they could stop sending me letters trying to get me to buy their water filters because I wasn’t using them anymore as a result of my having to fix their poor design.

Then the through-the-door ice dispenser went out. When you pushed a glass up to it, it would make this horrible, very loud grinding noise.
The fix (according to some online research) involved replacing a very expensive circuit board, so I ripped out the whole dispenser mechanism and fastened a shelf and a big tupperware container in it to catch the ice and stuck a big scoop in it. It scared the hell out of more than one visitor, though, because it would still make that noise if you selected “ice” and pushed a glass up to it, even with the bin and the dispensing screw removed (still dispensed water just fine). So I put some stickers on the ice buttons and a label that said “these buttons don’t work!” Oh yeah, and then it started to rust around the water dispenser place. So it really looked just *awesome* by the time it gave up the ghost, with the stickers and the rust and the bin in the freezer fastened in place with zip ties.

One time the freezer simply stopped working and that was another warranty call. The repair man simply turned off the fridge, removed a panel over the coils, and used a blow dryer to melt the condensation off, then declared it fixed, saying that sometimes that just happens when it’s really humid. I was skeptical, but it did work for a long time after that. When it happened again, it wasn’t under warranty anymore, but I did the same thing. That time, it worked for about a day before the coils were clogged again. Apparently, the auto defrost had gone out. That was when we decided to just get a new fridge. And we knew it would NOT be a Maytag.

Have an ice maker but never got mine hooked up

the last guy thought it was hooked up but it didn’t work, something wrong somewhere. Drive my family a bit crazy cause I don’t use trays, I freeze my big ice cubes in metal glasses and then just plunk one in a larger glass for my iced tea. Works for me but they don’t like it.