I’ve been scooting across the iced deck/porch on my butt

it’s a 4 foot drop off there and I don’t need to fall and do myself a mischief. Watering is a pain in the tush. I’m glad I don’t have my poultry at the moment. NRCS will run water into the pasture for me next year which will be great, and they will hook into a frost-free faucet right by the barn so I don’t have to lug water all over the place. I have a few places in mind for my frost free faucets. Thank goodness I do have electric all over the barn and outdoor outlets as well for which I’m grateful.
I have to figure out a different way to handle the goats water situation since they get into EVERYTHING so I find them chomping on my de-icers! My sheep are way easier to deal with management-wise, even if their 4WD is much stronger than my goats. Ultimately, I’d like to get the goats setup in the barn in removable stalls with a water circulating system running along the walls – that will perform well for lambing season when I worm the ewes within 24 hours after lambing. And If further expand that to running water nipples for chickens, I may be onto something. That’s still on the drawing board.
Jerry made it up and over the railroad tracks this morning which was a major feat. Had a few anxious moments but slow and steady won the day. 75 was just fine to travel on, but I don’t go close to where Gary and Sean work so I don’t know about road conditions there.
I’ve been taking a new gummy vitamin pill and a gummy Vitamin D and wowzer, I’ve been bouncing off the walls and going to sleep at 2 and 3am – not what I bargained for!
I’m SO glad to be in at work today – with bitches cycling into season I’ve spent the snowed in days yelling at dogs to knock it off and calm down – not exactly the idyllic existence that some folks think I lead LOL