I’m thinking the amount of ice is a variable

I don’t know how many people are using ice at your workplace. I don’t care too much for the drawers but they “work” if you are organized. I don’t use as much ice as my DH and the 4 kids. We seem to have a good amount of ice unless DH uses it to cool down something he has made, then we have to catch up.
Our top inside drawer holds the ice bin and then the rest of it is for ice packs….kids cuddle with them during the summer to keep cool, they do use them for the occasional karate injury. Popsicles go in the little front bin and veggies and seafood for me take up the rest of the big drawer.
the veggie/fruit drawers are ok. we go through a lot of veggies–allergies have cut down the amount and type of fruit we use, so we will mix the 2 drawers.
The last drawer isn’t tall, but runs across the bottom of the frig. we store cheese, wraps, bacon, sausage and lunch meat in there. you do need to open both doors to get to it.