LOL! I’m only 5’1” on my tall days

That is why I don’t want a top freezer and I hate my side by side because the freezer space is too narrow, along with other things. We’re use to the milk being in the right door, and that is where I’d continue to keep it if at all possible, so forgetting shouldn’t be an issue. As for organization. Remember I’m the one with a pantry that has can rotators in it to keep it organized. I want things to stay where I put them. My side by side has designated areas for certain things, and I’m thinking one with the drawers with spacers might help me achieve my total organization goal. Hey, what can I say I’m a Capricorn and I’m anal about some things.
The reason I was considering the double door was because I do a lot of canning, freezing and drying of foods and the wider shelves would be a major plus for me when processing foods in big containers—or when I am having guests and do big platters. Again the side by side is frustrating in that aspect and to use the wider shelves in the sunroom fridge is a pananthus (our word for pain in the…) because I have to go from the kitchen, up two steps across the utility room, down two steps, around two dogs and a table and down the length of the sunroom carrying whatever big platter or bowl to store it in that fridge. So I was thinking the wider shelves in the kitchen where I was actually working would be a blessing.
As for not being able to over fill the freezer, that too may be a good thing. I cannot tell you how many times in the alst year I’ve found the sunroom freezer door not quite closed and food messed up. It does NOT make make me happy. Plus a small chest freezer for the utility room is on our want to buy after getting debt free list.