Sorry about your fridge

But I think you are in good shape financially to buy a new one. I personally would not recommend the type of frig you are talking about. Have you used one a friend’s house? My MIL has one and so does my best friend and I don’t like it. Here’s why. If you put the milk on the left side of the frig and forget which side it is on, you either A) have to open both doors, or B) have to guess which door. Then it is frustrating if you guess wrong. I don’t want to open both doors all the time. The whole purpose of getting a frig with two doors, I thought, was so you’d only open 1/2 the compartment. Anyway, that’s my two cents on the double door thing.
The second thing is the freezer drawer. Now, being tall, I love having the frig on the top and freezer on the bottom. I don’t think you are 5′ 10, Jan, so you might reconsider that. But that’s not my point. The drawer freezer is very small. You can’t stack or squeeze anything into it because then the drawer won’t close. Yes, being able to see everything from the top is nice, but you must be very organized.
I would recommend a black refrigerator. It doesn’t show the dirt at all. Which I can’t say for stainless. It show every smudge and fingerprint. Puppy prints too!
I hope my ideas are at least something to take into consideration. If you’ve tried the frig in real life and liked it, then go for it! It’s obviously a nice frig and lots of people like them.