Thanks Alice, I would love to know the model number of your Samsung

Based on every thing I’ve received so far Samsung is in the lead and like you I am going to go with the largest one that will fit in our space. Height is not a problem and I don’t think width will be either, it’s how far the drawer will open out is my main thing because the kitchen is only 12 inches wider than a normal free standing stove—long narrow kitchen (I HATE IT).
Wish we could do a kitchen remodel that would expand it, but both of my designer/drafters have looked at it and what with the sunken aspect of the kitchen from the utility room and the kitchen being higher than the sunroom (so 3 levels in all) and the four walls all being load bearing ones (2 story house) they said the cost would be astronomical to do it. So I’m stuck with making it as efficient as possible and dreaming of a summer kitchen for canning season.