There’s a top drawer in the freezer and the rest is a large bin with a moveable divider

I’m not a fan of deep freezes, and the large bin below is a little like one, but the sliding drawer on top helps a lot to keep smaller items from getting lost. It’s overall a bit smaller than the old fridge was. This is partially offset by a much smaller ice bin, which usually meets our needs just fine. If we’re going to be entertaining, we will empty the bin into a large container that we stick in the freezer and keep doing that until it’s full (this requires planning several days ahead). Then, when the ice bin runs out, we can refill it with cubes that are the right size and shape for the dispenser. Because of the design with the bottom freezer, the ice bin is actually in the *fridge* compartment and there are some ducts to the freezer that keep the ice frozen. You can produce ice faster than normal by pushing an “ultra ice” button, and for 24 hours, the fans in those ducts blow faster and the ice cycles faster. Overall, I like it very much, but nothing’s perfect…
There isn’t enough compartment space. By which I mean none, other than the produce bins. No butter compartment, and not enough shelf space in the doors for all our condiments plus a gallon of milk. Only the right door has shelves because the left door has the ice bin. I bought a set of refrigerator bins at Costco and that helps a lot with the organization. It’s very easy to think you’ve closed the door when it’s still about 1/2″ away from being closed, especially if you’ve opened both doors at once and both of them aren’t fully closed. It has an alarm that starts to ding after a minute or so if the doors are open, but the idiots in engineering positioned the buttons that detect the open door in such a way that it “thinks” the door is closed when they’re in that 1/2″ open position. I thought I was very clever to cut about 1/8″ to 1/4″ of that button off, but the switch mechanism was more complicated than I realized, and I really messed it up and had to buy a replacement (thankfully, not expensive). However, the boxes that these buttons are mounted on have the buttons mounted on the outside, and I was able to mount them on the inside so I achieved the desired effect, that the door must be closed all the way or the alarm will go off. One clever thing is that the circulating fan shuts off when the doors are open so the cold air tends to stay put. Having so much door space could have you losing a lot of cold air otherwise. I do like the double doors as they make it very easy to see everywhere in the fridge.
The shelves are very configurable and easily removed. There are two produce bins that are deceptively deep and always hold more than I think they will. The water filter takes up more room than I’d like. Sears wants $50 apiece for them but Home Depot sells a package of two (their own “HDX” brand) for $50. They have to be replaced every six months.
Our water is fine, but I have to admit that the filter makes it taste really good.
All of our appliances are white. I’m WAY too cheap to pay an extra $150 t0 $200 for a stainless exterior that just so happens to be in vogue right now and probably won’t be in another five years. The owner’s manual for this fridge suggested putting car wax on the exterior to help protect the finish, and I did that. It’s just over a year old now, and still so slippery that some of our refrigerator magnets just slide down.
Overall, I’m very happy with this fridge. By the way, since you’re soliciting various experiences, my mother bought a Samsung of a similar design and they’ve had water leaking from the ice compartment into the fridge from day one. They’ve had several warranty calls but never got it resolved. She positively hates it…