Well as in all of our lives Murphy hit

This hit didn’t come from out of the blue, but we were hoping it would hold off until early summer. Our second fridge died this week end, luckily it was on the low side with what was in it because I had not done Friday’s grocery shopping due to the snow—there’s another silver lining for the snow.
I know for some of you losing a second fridge would be no biggie, but around here it is. It is where we store the large containers of mayo, mustard, ketchup, refrigerator bread dough (various varieties) and during the holidays a lot of leftovers. It is our utility fridge. The one out there was CHEAP, no ice maker, no water dispenser etc, just a fridge with a top freezer. A freezer we used constantly because, as you know, I did not replace my freezer when it died three years ago.
We knew the fridge was going, but like I said we’d been nursing it along. For right now I can make sort of do with using the tiny camper refrigerator, and an ice chest or two. Luckily it’s cold weather. But that is dadburn inconvenient.
We discussed getting a used fridge from somewhere, but I have misgivings about that. EVERY and I do mean EVERY time I’ve purchased a used appliance I’ve got roaches. That is a little extra bonus I do not want. In the long run it costs more in lost food, ds having allergy attacks, and fumigation than we save purchasing used.
So dh’s suggestion is to take the side by side I am so unhappy with (lots of minor things) from the house and into the sunroom and purchase the refrigerator that I’ve been lusting for. It was on the “to buy” list for this coming summer after we are cc debt free, but now…
I know the style I am pretty certain I want. I want the type with the freezer on the bottom, that has the extra drawer in the freezer drawer and the double doors on top. I definitely have room for one of those in my kitchen, as long as the dishwasher isn’t open when I want to get in the freezer. (I’ve got a tiny kitchen).
I want whistles and bells, it was suppose to be my big “gift” when we got the cc paid off, but now we are looking at getting it early. Ds says he will pay 1/3 on it because he lives here and will be using it too. I have to say I was stunned when he said that and asked him if he knew how much such fridges run—he quoted a price that was very near dead on to those I’ve previously seen. It seems he’s been looking at them knowing I wanted one. He had even considered buying one himself for me as a Christmas/birthday gift—until he saw they were more than what he thought they would be.
The brand is the thing. Have any of you had any experiences, good or bad with this type of refrigerator. If so would you care to share those experiences. What brand did you find to be the best? Does anyone subscribe to consumer reports and if so could you look up this style fridge for me and tell me the ratings on the various brands?
Another big issue—how easy is it to clean? I’ve had fridges before you couldn’t easily remove the shelves to clean and that was a real pain in the backside. I want easy!
While we are at it. Does anyone have one of those electric grills that has where you can turn the plates over and use them as a griddle then put the plates in the dishwasher? Brand? How pleased are you with it? My current grill is shedding the Teflon and I’m worried about that. I’m thinking about asking for one for Christmas/birthday.
Luckily our ss checks should start next month and both men are working a lot of OT, so we should have the cash for the fridge I want by late January—it will mean an extra two weeks to a month on the next bill pay off, but we need the fridge.