Yeah the cheap one that just died was Whirlpool’s cheapest model

and when the compressor would kick in the dogs would roll their eyes like “why us?” It developed several new rattles this last few months and well, we knew it was going. It was almost as loud as the furnace compressor that shook a piece off down into its fan yesterday (yep Murphy hit us with a double whammy this week), but dh thinks he can fix that. It did the same thing a few years back and he fixed it then. Since I was home I heard it go and turned off the furnace immediately.
We’d been using the furnace instead of wood heat because I was here alone and the guys were afraid I would slip and fall on the ice while alone. Right now I’m still not allowed to go on the back deck where the firewood is, so I’m using space heaters—thank goodness ds pays the electric bill. LOL!